Smart Homebuyers Hire a Buyer’s Representative

Once you’ve decided to buy a property, every decision you make from now on will impact your investment- from what type of home you buy and the city and neighborhood you choose to the mortgage loan you obtain. The single most important resource to have on your side is a Pathway Real Estate Group agent who is working in your best interest and representing only YOU.

As a buyer, you need to know that your home has maximum resale potential and you deserve to know everything about the property. Agents and Seller’s Agents cannot disclose facts about the home you are considering buying, other than what the seller chooses to disclose, unless the agent is a Buyer’s Agent. Agents cannot disclose key information they learn from the seller or the seller’s agent that is not in the seller’s interest during negotiations, unless the agent is acting as YOUR Buyer’s Agent. Protect yourself, your interests, and your investment in real estate by hiring Pathway Real Estate Group as your Buyer’s Agent.

Perhaps the best thing about hiring Pathway Real Estate Group to help you buy a home is that we will prevent you from falling prey to the most common and most avoidable mistakes. Just as you would hire a lawyer to navigate the esoteric world of the legal system, it can be disastrous to try to take on the real estate world unassisted. Pathway Real Estate Group REALTORS? are specialists who understand every nuance of the market; they know how to avoid the problems that commonly plague home-buyers.

Pathway Real Estate Group is ideal not only because we are respected REALTORS? with a reputation for integrity, but because we love and understand the real estate world in the Lowcountry of South Carolina. We’re committed to finding the best properties for sale, in order to associate ourselves and our clients with the best properties available.

Dread the Idea Of Running All Over To Look At Charleston area Homes For Sale?

Who doesn’t? No one wants to squander valuable time previewing real estate that won’t meet your needs. You have a vision of your new home and you’ll know it when you see it. And what better place to see it first than sitting right where you are now?

The most important thing we can do as your REALTOR is listen. We can introduce you to communities you might not have considered before and show you real estate you haven’t seen. We have many Lowcountry real estate listings as well as many other popular locations throughout the state of South Carolina! You can preview them all by searching our South Carolina MLS just like Lowcountry real estate agents do at (NEED TO FIX)